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All About Eve . . . review

Whenever I pick up my Bible I meet a myriad of faces. Some of them are well known. Others not so. Some are heroes, some villains. Many are rarely given a second thought.

In Credo's production of All About Eve, I was reintroduced to four people I recognized. I recognized them not because I had read their stories before, but because I meet them everyday. Not because I know their names, but because there is a part of them in me. As each of the characters introduced themselves I realized that I have always put them in boxes. Each name immediately receives a qualifier. Eve -"the one who ate the apple." Ruth -"the faithful widow." Mary -"who nursed the baby in the shed." Martha -"the one who. never sat still." So quick are we to categorize people, it is all too easy to lose sight of their dimension.

Through each imaginatively but faithfully scripted monologue something of the depth, the raw energy and vivid colour of these characters was brought to life. These were real people who lived and experienced and knew something of their God. Eve the sinner, who struggled with God's grace. Ruth the daughter, whose simple love became a powerful faith. Mary the mother, who wondered what she had done wrong. Martha the scurrier, who just wanted to show she cared. And so much more.
* Four lives.

* Four women.

* For women?
Yes. But also for those who sin and are sinned against, who have suffered loss and received blessings, who have worried and rejoiced, who care and are cared about.

I am one of those.

Dario Glovannelli
October 1999

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