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Literally Speaking {4,2,4} . . . a review

OK you crossword buffs out there, 13 down is "literally speaking (4,2,4)". If you said, "read my lips", yes, but that's only part of the answer.

On Saturday 15 November at the Endsleigh Centre the Credo Arts Community captivated the capacity audience with an evening of the exploration of language. Let me quote from their programme.
Language is important. Fascinating, inventive, enriching, creative, encouraging. But it can be damaging, manipulative and destructive. Ever since creation was spoken into being and the "word went forth" language has been our most powerful tool and potent weapon.
Nowadays we have more ways then ever to help us communicate - speech, letter, phone, e-mail, text, fax, video link, but the choice remains, not only regarding which means to use, but how we use the words themselves.
In two one-hour slots we were treated to a non-stop exploration of words. In humour, poetry, prose, classic literature, scripture and music we were shown how we use words and how sometimes what we say can be misused. At times making us laugh, at times bringing us close to tears. From children's view of what adults speak to classic Shakespeare to the last words from the burning towers of 9/11.

On a purely practical level how long it took to research all the text used, the musical connections and then put it all together, learn & rehearse is mind boggling. The whole evening made us think about how we communicate with others.

If the performance is repeated I would recommend you go and see and hear a marvellous, thought provoking evening. Be prepared to be entertained and moved. My thanks and congratulations to everyone involved.

N.Pacey 16/11/03

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Last update 16 November 2003