Imagine the scene, opening night with half an hour to go, the leading lady has a fall. Tragedy! Show cancelled. Nine weeks later performance resumes to packed houses.


We are used to seeing the Credo Arts Community players in short scene productions but here for the first time a full-length production ably written and directed by Cathy Westby.


“Underneath the Stars” is the story of Ruth. Let me quote from the programme,

‘The biblical story of Ruth is about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. It is a tale of love, tragedy, friendship and faith. Real people, real lives.’


Credo have obviously done their homework in not only reading the book of Ruth but researching the background to the story and circumstances of people’s lives at that time.

The story of Ruth is a love story but more than that, it’s a story of being a stranger in a strange land treated as a stranger and finally being accepted. Coping with loss and trusting in a God who you didn’t know before.


The performance by all players was excellent and it would be unfair to single anyone particular out. The deliverance of lines would be a credit to any professional company. The dialogue coming over in a natural manner. While I did say I wouldn’t name any particular person I must congratulate Paul Ganney for his mastery of all the technical wizardry in combining lights, video and music to enhance the performance. The simple props and backgrounds prove you don’t need fancy locations to put on a good production. The actors and a good script are sufficient.


At the end of the play I heard many say, ‘ We must go home and read the book of Ruth now’. Other comments I overheard were, “Wonderful”, “made me want to cry”


“Underneath the Stars” was the first full-length production by Credo. I sincerely hope it’s not the last.



review from Norman Pacey © 29/Jan/2006