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An Evening in the City . . . review

"EXCELLENT" - "BRILLIANT" - "though provoking - "moving" - just some of the words that could be used to describe the Credo performance of "Urban Eyes" at St. Columba in the middle of November.

The publicity says that it is "a fresh look at life in the urban jungle". It is this and much more. The presentation is fast, action-packed and multi-media. The backdrop is a screen onto which various images or quotes are projected. Some of these even include members of Credo. With the aid of the screen Nigel could be seen cyling home to get a ball then returning to the action without even breaking into a sweat. I laughed until my face ached when the projection was used to excellent effect to illustrate A A Milne's poem about "Lines and Squares". Tony and Julie Robinson performed a sensuous dance to the accompaniment of Robbie Williams and the music of Urban Love.

There were funny moments which also had a challenge and reflection. There were serious comments behind the light hearted remarks and laughter. The images of Belfast were particularly moving and given even greater impact by the sudden flash, bang and screams as if a bomb had gone off.

The thought of an evening which included Shakespeare, Wordsworth and T S Elliot is not something I would normally put high on my list of "must sees" but I'm very glad I went. If you ever have the opportunity to go and see "Urban Eyes" don't miss it but go ready to have your view of the city challenged and changed.

Pauline Bicknell, Drypool Echo, Dec. 2001

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Last update 5 December 2001