The Not Quite Christmas Special

If the BBC can repeat “Only Fools & Horses Christmas Special” in July then Credo’s “Not Quite Christmas Special” will also deserve a second showing.

The audience at O’Sullivans Irish Centre in Chamberlain Road was treated to a fun filled evening of sketches, video clips, and sight gags. A night of comic writing genius. All the sketches were performed under the banner of “Credo TV” and this writer would advise some of the terrestrial TV companies to look at the scriptwriters of tonight’s performance. In this guise we were treated to some TV programmes you may have missed, for example “Ennerdale Farm” & “Inspector Morose.”

Many of the sketches were a play on words or how we use (or misuse) them and brought back memories of that other Credo triumph “Literally Speaking 4-2-4”. There was one running gag throughout the show where a man walking along the street was accosted by several people. I shall be wary of people bearing clipboards from now on!

Far too many great one-liners and quips to single out any one in particular. From the “Julie Andrews Appreciation Society” to “How to avoid stress”. Everyone involved was brilliant and the characterisation was great. From the acting, to the comic timing, from the scripting to the technical wizardry the Credo group keeps going from strength to strength. Long may they continue while they have so many talented people in their ranks.


© Norman Pacey 20/11/04