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Performed first on 9 November 2000 at the Live Art Space, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, UK. This piece was a special commission from Yorkshire Arts and Hull City Council for the Humber Mouth, Hull Literature Festival 2000.
Point at thumbnails below for captions (for IE; for Firefox view properties) and click for full picts. Most of the pictures are stills captured from video

2000-11-09_Mrs Albion (1).jpg 2000-11-09_Mrs Albion (2).jpg 2000-11-09_Mrs Albion (3).jpg 2000-11-09_The Lads (1).jpg 2000-11-09_The Lads (2).jpg 2000-11-09_Urban Eyes (1).jpg 2000-11-09_Urban Eyes (2).jpg 2000-11-09_Urban Eyes (3).jpg 2000-11-09_Urban Eyes (4).jpg 2001-11-20_Daily London Receipe (1).jpg 2001-11-20_Daily London Receipe (2).jpg 2001-11-20_Smiling in a built up area (1).jpg 2001-11-20_Urban Eyes at St Columba.jpg

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