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Photographs & Video
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72dpi Photos of less than 50kB (by Rachel Ganney)

Ruth (Melanie Mills) & her first husband Mahlon (Nigel Mills) Kilion (John Saunderson) & Orpah (Hannah Turvey) Kilion (John Saunderson) & Orpah (Hannah Turvey) Hannah Turvey as Orpah, Ruth's sister-in-law Ruth (Melanie Mills) & Mahlon (Nigel Mills) Cathy Westby as harvester Maggie Melanie Mills as Ruth Ruth (Melanie Mills) gleaning Ruth (Melanie Mills) gleans behind the harvesters Joshua helps Mel learn her lines John Saunderson as harvester Samual  Blacktoft John Leyland-Brown as forman Mr Smith Boaz (Richard_Wells) & Ruth (Melanie Mills) Maggie (Cathy Westby) takes a break Ruth (Melanie Mills) has something to think about It's love! Ruth (Melanie Mills) & baby Obed

72dpi Photos of 500-1000kB (by Rachel Ganney)

Ruth (Melanie Mills) & her first husband Mahlon (Nigel Mills) Ruth (Melanie Mills) & her mother-in-law Naomi (Virginia Hall) A successful harvest is celebrated! (John Saunderson, Nigel Mills, John Leyland-Brown & Ricahrd Wells) Ruth (Melanie Mills) lies at the feet of a dozing Boaz (Richard Wells) Ruth (Melanie Mills)

96dpi video stills of around 40kB (by Paul Ganney) and other photos by others

Ladies of Moab (Julia Clapp & Helen Lintern) Ladies of Moab (Julia Clapp & Helen Lintern) Paul Ganney controls the tech at St James's Sutton 6Oct07 Sutton - all the cast, except Hannah 6Oct07 Sutton - Hannah Turvey as Orpah

300dpi Photos of about 1.5MB each (by Rachel Ganney)

Ruth (Melanie Mills) & her first husband Mahlon (Nigel Mills) sit underneath the stars on their wedding night Naomi (Virginai Hall) with her daughters-in-law, Ruth (Melanie Mills) & Orpah (Hannah Turvey) Naomi (Virginai Hall) and Ruth (Melanie Mills) Harvesters (Cathy Westby & Helen Lintern) & Ruth (Melanie Mills) Boaz (Richard Wells) talks to his foreman (John Leyland-Brown), with harvesters (Nigel Mills & John Saunderson) The harvesters (Helen Lintern & John Saunderson) take a break Ruth (Melanie Mills) & Naomi (Virginai Hall) have a lot to discuss Harvesters check their lines! Whilst the harvester finish their feast, Ruth quietly approaches Boaz (Richard Wells) & Ruth (Melanie Mills) Montage

Video: "First we unload the Van" by Paul Ganney (Trinity Methodist Church, Hull, 28/10/06)

Note, this was a cut down unloading, as we did not need to bring our own staging for this venue. Normally the van is packed a lot tighter!

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